Monday, September 2, 2013

Well, another banner day.
Wont mean anything to anyone but me, but, attempted to repair my truck that has been sitting for a long,long,time. That is a story in itself, but the frame is shot.So once again I have no truck to take my boys hunting.
 As silly as it sounds it was little bit of hope , a little piece of me that is now useless.
 There is no way for me to afford another one, even used because of my situation.
 My one bow is cracked, another has a broken sight, and once again I feel like a failure.
I can;t take my boys hunting in a minivan, it tois on its last legs and needs to be babied.
I have no idea what to do, and Christmas is around the corner.
Dear God please give me some ideas how to get me out of this mess.'Mom and Dad,Uncle Frank,and Uncle Bill,if you can put  in a good word for me, even though I am a looser , and disappointment to you, to God, and to myself, please do me find the solution.
I am tired, just really tired,andd need some solutions       09/02/2013

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