Saturday, November 7, 2009

An update on the war here in the states .

The Fort Hood shooter, well that is incorrect, the Fort Hood Jihadi, had links to the 9/11 terrorists .
You remember that pesky little attack that killed 3000 people and destroyed many ,many more lives.
Our Government wants you to know the following are just individual incidents and not a concerted effort by those of of the Muslim ideology.
The D.C. sniper
the Fort Dix plot
The attack on Jewish community center in California.
The event in Georgia where the men "of middle easter descent" claimed to be building model rockets.
The New york /Texas plot that included an Imam.
The Muslim convert /Imam that decided to shoot at FBI agents instead of being taken into custody, killing a K9 dog and then getting lead poisoning from the FBI (they deserve medals!)
These are just a few of the " unrelated incidents" that have occurred.

Now think about this, was Bastione related to Anzio, was the siege on Petersburg, related to Normandy, was Pearl Harbor related to the battle of Britan?

All of these events, though not immediately related ,were all part of one war. Just as all the above, are part of a war, that our Government does not want to admit, either to us, or maybe themselves.
These things, these events ,are acts of war , they may not be huge, spectacular events, but they are just as destructive ,and cost lives, just like major events like, 9/11 or Pearl harbor.
This cannot be resolved through making arrests ,and jailing those ,who perpetrate these acts.
It is time for our Government to eliminate this threat,just as they did in other wars.

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