Friday, November 6, 2009

More Americans kiled by a muslim.

Again a muslim posing as a patriotic soldier killed real patriots.
It is time to look into every mosque, every muslim citizen or immigrant and check and double check they are here for the American dream.
It is a tenant in the Koran to deceive , to infiltrate to convert infidels or kill apostates.
Most if not all who are not muslim are apostates.
When a man can attain the rank of Major in the US Army and not any warning signs were detected ,there is something wrong.
When that same man can attack and kill and injure soldiers on a military base it is beyond comprehension.
Of all places in the United States that this could happen ,Security should have had him stopped at the gate . If not stopped at the gate, Soldiers should have been able to neutralise after the first shot was fired.
Of course this will not be called a terrorist attack, it was only a Muslim attacking a military base. Its not like Muslims blowing up the USS Cole or Muslims flying planes into the World trade Center, nope this was just a Muslim killing soldiers on President Obamas watch.

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