Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The man , the clown

Glenn Beck.
He is asking the questions that no one will ask.
He believes in the Constitution.
He is speaking out ,because no one else will.
I give him credit, he has the guts to bring up the hard stuff. I am sure he could make alot more money spouting all the things the Obama administration wants spouted ,except for one thing that Beck has and many dont.
If you watch him you think that maybe he is nuts!
I sincerely think he truly believes in what he says.
I do not take what he says as fact but research what he says on my own.
So far he has not mislead me. Listen to his radio show. Watch him on Fox News at 5pm. est.
Give him a chance ,do not take what he says as fact ,but take the time and look into it, you will be surprised at how much he says is the truth.

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