Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9-1-2009 those special people

Jay Biros
For generations,young men and women,better people then myself, have gone to foreign lands. Even though they were scared, did not want to leave loved ones, the went . They went to save other people from ruthless tyrants, and to try to give some of the freedoms we have to others , all because The United States asked them to.
They went to preserve what all Americans have.
Yet there are those here who hate those that go and do the hard work our country has sent them to do. That is their right.
They can hate because those they hate went to fight for their freedom.
Kind of ironic, isn't it?
I pray for our armed forces, and their families.
Thank you to those Men and Women who stand guard ,so that we can worry about what to do this weekend or what time that show is on T.V. all those stupid things that we complain about everyday.
Somewhere some place a Soldier or Marine or Sailor is crying because his buddy isn't coming home, and yet he will gear up and do his job because that is what he is supposed to do,it is his duty to do,it is the best way to Honor his Friend.
Makes a person wonder what is really important, don't you think ?

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