Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wow......its been a long ....long....time

 I sit here at age 52. with  3 ault children,and one who may as well 15 , he has more street smarts and more "game" than anyone in the family.

  I wa fortunate.  My beloved wife and i raised 4 great kids,never had to raise bail, and they know right from wrong. We Did ok.

When they were little it was easy...I could solve thier problems for them , now not so much. Now I cant interfere, i cant do it for them.........It frustrates me to no end.....I want to fix there problems for  them....but have to step back and have to let them make ther own mistakes. It sucks

   They are actually doing great, and making their own decisions......not the same as i would make, but whats best for them..

 I am so proud of them all......they will probably never see this, not even know it exits...... I feear that I will not be here to give advise.......wanted or cut grass.......tofix tow race hold a hand before a hug my beautiful grandchildren show my love to hold my new see the successes of my hug them when then they fail....and to let them know failing is ok.....failure has been the cornerstone of my life and yet, look at the wonderful things and beings that came out of it.

I love you all       I pray you know that.

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