Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Devil has a name, and it is my niebor

There are few things in this world , that can anger me enough to get physical.
No, I hit no one although they probably deserved It .I did however manage to smash a kitchen chair, punch a wall, and a steel front door.
I still cant get over my anger. The things this ass said to me will never be forgotten or forgiven.
Telling a disabled person to get a job,the one thing he wishes he could do to provide for his family ! and telling me I could never afford to put up a fence and have done nothing to our property for the past 20 years. This penis sucking ass hole will never be forgotten.
They say good fences make good neighbors.....maybe.
We have had neighbors that were like family no fence needed.
Time has changed neighbors also change.We got the biggest piece of shit in our backyard.
some hints: don't move next to a property with alot of leaves and trees if you don't want leaves in your yard.
If you dont like to look at my yard..put up your own fucking fence
If your kid still rides on a swing set at 14 get him help, hes probably retarded.
That is enough venting for now.
But I promised myself one thing, I will never let myself be walked on again.No one will everbe allowed to be disrespectful to me again. ever.

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