Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trails in US. for enemy combatants.

This Administration is treating these terrorists as common criminals. It is the same way Clintons Administration treated them.
In my opinion we were attacked and war was declared on the United States by an ideology, Islam.
I can not in good conscience call Islam a Religion.Religions do not advocate the killing and harming of other people.
I know it is not PC and it is unprecedented but we are at war with Islam.
I have tried to come up with other reasoning ,to make some other justification to all of this ,but the only logical conclusion is to be at war with Islam. That is where the problem lies, we are not at war with a Country or Nation so old standards do not apply.
The Bush Administration did the best thy could with the hand they were dealt. They knew bringing them on U.S. soil would mean affording these combatants the rights of citizens.They kept them at Gitmo. and set up Military Tribunals that were a better solution than this amateur act that is the Obama Administration.
The only other solution is to take no prisoners and that to me is the best solution. Let our Military go do the job the were trained for, let them loose with a very ,very liberal ROE, or bring them home now.

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