Friday, September 4, 2009

That time of year.

There is a chill in the night air, acorns are falling and bouncing off the cars parked in the driveway, and for the first time this year you really notice the crickets and tree frogs singing louder and louder.
This can only mean Fall is right around the corner.
It is my favorite time of year.
It is time the Kids and I get ready for hunting season, checking equipment,looking at starting dates for the seasons and running Gretta our black lab. She can even tell what the season is , I can't even put on a hat and get my shoes on before she is jumping up on me and running to the door and bringing us her toys for retrieving fun.
It is also the time of year that we get our annual visit from the local black bear population.
This year they destroyed a Rubbermade shed that we put garbage bags in until pic-up day.
Yogi left teeth puncture holes right through the lid on the shed and ripped the lid completely off breaking the hinges Yogi must have been a pretty big bear because he knocked the shed over and moved it about5 feet from where it was.Aw well he was just looking for food to fatten up for the winter.
Although it is annoying and sometimes messy , I look forward to the visits from the bears.Last year we had a momma and 3 cubs come looking for a meal.Well they got a bag of trash ate their fill,and then momma chased the cubs up a tree, and then mamma bear took a nap laying on her back with her paws in the air just like a puppy . This all occurred about 15 feet from a window where my family watched the bear family for over an hour until momma called her cubs and each took a turn sliding down the tree , and followed momma into the woods . Those animals were truly amazing .
It is also the time of year that the kids and I put out a camera that automatically takes pictures during the night. We have gotten pictures of deer around our apple tree, and squirrels chasing each other at day break.
There was also an early fall night last year,when my wife and I were trying to fall asleep , and a chorus of coyote howls filled the night air.
We are truly Blessed to live in an area where these events can signal the change of seasons.
The only problem is the kids won't go out at night cause they don't want to get surprised by our visitors
I can't wait to see what visits next, and it would be nice if they brought more animal friends with them.

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