Thursday, September 3, 2009

Question of the day

In Americas history, we have gone to war to rescue other countries, from Tyrants and invasion , we have at the very least tried.
And every time we tried some young American s made the ultimate sacrifice .
We went to war in the 1900's to help Europe fight the Kaiser. In the 1940's we again went to war to help Europe from the scourge that was Hitler,and yes ,we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, but we could have just concentrated on the Pacific, but we didn't.
In the 1950's It was South Korea ,and yes that was a United Nations involvement, but every time the U.N. is involved the U.S. does most of the heavy lifting and dieing .
Then there was Viet Nam, that one didn't workout so well ,mostly because of politics and micro management.
There was also Granada ,Panama , Mogadishu and Bosnia , My point is The U.S. is the rescuer, the one the world looks to for help.
My question is ,if the U.S. was forced into some catastrophe, here on our soil, who would be able to help us out? who would have the capability,manpower, and willpower and guts to come to our aid?
I hope that question never has to be answered.

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  1. Jay, welcome to the blogosphere and glad to have you here! Every word of truth helps to build our door to liberty!



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