Saturday, September 12, 2009

joe wilson

During Obamas speech promoting health care reform, Joe Wilson was the man who called out, your lying, during the speech.
The following is a response to the Web site Red State:

From: Henry Lowe
Subject: Red State conservatives
Date: September 11, 2009 8:26:19 PM EDT

I pray DAILY that all of you racist, right wing conservative TRAITORS die poor, disenfranchised, and disgraced…and VERY SOON! Joe Wilson and all of you confederate TRAITORS who think like and support him should all find no safe haven in this country.

May Joe Wilson live in constant fear that he will be neutralized, at his favorite restaurant, in a shopping mall, or on a family vacation. I pray some patriot gives that racist demon what he deserves, very soon.

I see a day soon when all of you racist conservative TRAITORS will be attacked on a daily basis. I pray you are extincted politically and socially, America’s democracy depends on it. You are all a cancer on this country. May your days on this earth be days of profuse and intense suffering, and may your reservations in hell be filled very SOON! You TREASONOUS sons of bi*ches are domestic terrorists, and I pray we use the Patriot Act to rid our nation of you hypocritical, inbred, racist, ignorant scummy pigs and dogs.

I KNOW my prayers will be answered before long.

Well this is what I think:

TREASONOUS BITCHES,? Henry Lowe say hello to Mr. Kettle
CONFEDERATE TRAITORS ? If you mean that we support states rights as outlined in the constitution, and limited federal government involvement in my life ,and living under an individuals choice and not government mandates? Why then this Pennsylvania resident will take that as a compliment. States rights was the major reason secession occurred, a fact that has been blurred by revisionist History.
INBRED, RACIST,IGNORANT SCUMMY PIGS AND DOGS? Well calling someone a liar is not racist,and I guess you are showing your ignorance. Scummy, well yes after a hard days work,to provide for your family and to pay taxes for all the entitlements, yep we sure could use a shower.
Pigs and Dogs well well well.......This is usually reserved for people who fail to grasp the teachings of the Koran, you know us apostates or Jews.
By any chance, are you a follower of the religion that has provided so many advances in culture and science? You know things like cervical spinal surgery, or the study of the effects of low velocity ,hand thrown missiles on the human body and lets not forget how much honor means to the males of the families , and the fear that that honor instills in the females of the families.

Yes Mr Lowe you sure did make a statement, some may say you made a threat. I think you are just blindly following the One.
You best wake up, no country has ever taxed its way to prosperity. Socialism is doomed to fail.
And extremists that make up the Administration are falling , one by one.

PS We are not domestic terrorists, we wish no one ,no one any harm! Our Military is doing the job of fighting our enemies and are hero's. Those 18,19,20 year old kids that can't even buy a beer here at home, are doing a job that they volunteered for. That is Honor . To God ,To Duty, To Country, To each other.
We owe these men and women our prayers and gratitude.

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