Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is great.
Eight years after 9-11-01 and Islam will be welcomed on the Capital steps.
Just what part of Convert or die do we as a nation not get.
That is what these people want and expect.
They are patient, they take baby steps , taking a little at a time.
The Bierut Bombing, 93 WTC, the Cole, 2001 WTC, and we are again under an alert, with 3 arrested and looking for 9 more.
Have you seen DEARBORN Mi.?
Political Correctness be Damned!
ISLAM Is the problem, we are its enemy. Their philosophy is to conquer , not to assimilate into other countries and cultures but theyHOPE they can CHANGE the other culture or country,hmmmm where have i heard those words before?

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